Captains’ celebration


No more heavy sorrow
Sevntas not ending
Like the hidden love
Which do not disclosed

ΚαπετάνιοςA Sunday before carnival, called “Tyrini”, people in Lagada village celebrate Captains’ custom. According to tradition, a young man is being selected to become the “Captain” in order confess his love to the girl he is in love with. The man who catches the “holy clothe” of the priest is named “Captain” and he get dressed immediately with the luxury outfit. His horse – named “Bairaktaris”- is decorated too and it is with the “Captain” during the fiesta time. The all sing special songs, eat fried fish and drink much wine.

The parade starts from the village and moves to other areas. Kids are running in front of everyone to announce the news and inform people who the “Captain” is.

All the people in “Portara” welcome and cheer for the “Captain”. They go around the village as “Captain” says lyrics to the girls he meets. Last station is in Loza village.

“Captain” and “Bairaktaris” go around the square for three times. Then “Captain” reveals his secret love to the girl he is in love with and he asks her to be “Captains’” wife. He keeps his best lyrics for her and the first dance. Fiesta keeps all night long.


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